Graciliana Montelongo Amador: A Singular Voice in Tenerife’s Literature and Art


Graciliana Montelongo Amador, one of the most distinguished cultural figures from Tenerife, Spain, is a multifaceted and talented personality recognized for her contributions to literature and art. Known not only as a writer but also as an illustrator, painter, and cultural manager, Graciliana has become a major influence in the Canary Islands’ cultural landscape, continually enriching the local artistic scene.

Born in 1962 in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, Graciliana demonstrated a passion for creativity from an early age, captivated by her grandparents’ stories and the art of drawing. This passion continued to evolve over the years, complemented by her studies in volcanology, astronomy, and historical heritage at the University of La Laguna. She later took art courses offered by the Caja Canarias Foundation and attended creative writing workshops led by Ernesto Rodríguez Abad, courses that were essential for her development as a writer.

Graciliana Montelongo made her literary debut with the volume „Cimientos” in 2007, followed by various works, including „Cuentos del Vino” and „La leyenda de la escritora de haikus” in 2012. Her most recent success is „Restos de un-Rosario,” a collection of horror and mystery stories that explore dark and captivating themes, reflecting a significant part of her narrative talent.

The Launch of „Restos de un-Rosario”
Graciliana Montelongo Amador launched her new book titled „Restos de un-Rosario” on Thursday, May 16, at the TEA Library, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This collection of 13 mystery and horror stories is inspired by the tales heard from her grandparents and experiences at the Los Silos International Storytelling Festival.

The event took place at TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), a contemporary cultural center located in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The building, a collaboration between Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron and Canary architect Virgilio Gutiérrez, provided the perfect setting for the event. The unique atmosphere of this iconic venue added a special touch to the evening, highlighting the moment’s importance for the local cultural community.

„Restos de un-Rosario” brings to the forefront 13 mystery and horror stories, each with its own charm and unique tale. Inspired by both her grandparents’ stories and experiences related to the Los Silos International Storytelling Festival, the stories are set in various locations in the Canary Islands and beyond. For example, the title story takes place in La Laguna, while others are set in Los Llanos de Aridane, Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz, and even between La Orotava and New York. Each story is designed to frighten and captivate the reader through atmosphere and plot twists.

In addition to writing, Graciliana is also a talented illustrator and cultural event organizer. She founded the „Viera y Clavijo” Cultural Group and has collaborated with international magazines such as Mnemósyne and Cartónletra. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, including Crítica fragmentada, and various projects dedicated to significant literary and historical figures. She has also organized several multidisciplinary exhibitions, including one dedicated to the Dragon Tree at the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Convent in La Laguna.

Graciliana Montelongo Amador has received numerous awards and distinctions for her contributions to literature and art. She has participated in the annual meetings of Canarian writers and is a member of the Institute of Hispanic Studies of Puerto de la Cruz. In 2013, she was invited to Barcelona Poetry Week, where she presented works on haiku and conducted thematic workshops.

Her talent for blending narrative with visual art and exploring profound and complex themes places her among the most influential cultural personalities of our time. Through her literary and artistic works, Graciliana Montelongo Amador continues to be a creative and innovative force in Tenerife, enriching both local and international culture. „Restos de un-Rosario” is not just an addition to her vast oeuvre but also a testament to her ability to captivate and inspire readers with fascinating and memorable stories.

Article by: Kasandra Kalmann Nasaudean
Photos: Western Romania