Theology, Spirituality, and Ecumenical Dialogue – The Academic Journey of Georgiana Huian


Georgiana Huian has become a well-known figure in the world of theology, assuming the position of tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Bern (Switzerland) in 2018. With roots in Romania, this seeker of knowledge holds two doctorates, one in philosophy and the other in Orthodox theology, with theological accreditation obtained at the University of Bern. In 2023, she was appointed professor of systematic and ecumenical theology at the Institute of Old Catholic Theology of the same university.

Her scientific expertise is vast, covering various fields and transcending the boundaries of denominations. Georgiana Huian is a courageous explorer of different thematic subjects, with a profound appreciation for the diversity of languages and cultures. Her academic background is marked by studies in philosophy, theology, and classical philology in Bucharest, as well as university degrees, training, or research internships in Tübingen, Louvain-la-Neuve, Paris, Oxford, and Bern.

Georgiana describes her journey in theology as an ascent in the mountains, a pilgrimage full of significance but always anchored in her heart. While many may stop at the mountain’s base, she ventures into the heights of spiritual exploration. With tireless determination, Georgiana Huian does not retreat into an ivory tower of intellect; on the contrary, she remains a seeker, sharing with others her journey in search of meaning and of God.

For Georgiana Huian, theology is not just an academic discipline but also a „science of life.” It is a profound connection to everyday reality and is rooted in life itself. It is a journey that allows her to explore the mysteries of faith and to find deep meanings in every aspect of existence.

When interacting with students, colleagues in the field, or people from diverse backgrounds, Georgiana Huian aims to arouse curiosity and provoke dialogue about the great existential questions, which are closely related to theology. With an awareness of human vulnerability, Georgiana seeks to discover, together with others, the roots of our desire for the absolute, addressing the foundations of faith and thus building bridges between different theological perspectives.

For her, the diversity of experience brings richness and depth to the understanding of faith. She wishes for people to perceive life in its beauty, feeling it as a gift, and to discover the divine light that shines upon them.

Georgiana Huian believes that life should be refined according to an ideal of goodness and beauty. Through her work, Georgiana reminds us that theology is not just for the initiated but for all who are curious and eager to explore the depths of human and spiritual existence. Georgiana Huian is a bright guide in this complex landscape of knowledge, inviting us to look inward and discover the meanings that define us.

In the context of the nomination for the fourth edition, 2023-2024, within the campaign of Romanian excellence beyond Romania’s borders, „We Support Excellence!”, a cultural project launched by The Romanian-language publication „Occidentul Românesc” on January 15, 2015, we invited the young researcher, Georgiana Huian, to a dialogue on the theme of her academic journey in the world of theology and ecumenical relations.

Recorded by: Kasandra Kalmann Năsăudean
Images: Georgiana Huian (Personal Archive, Nik Egger, Christoph Knoch)